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South Africa’s Water Crisis and the Role of JoJo Water Tanks


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South Africa faces an alarming water crisis, with its infrastructure teetering on the brink of collapse. A recent report revealed that 46% of water supply systems pose acute health risks due to contamination, while over two-thirds of wastewater treatment works are close to failure. Additionally, more than 47% of clean and treated water is lost through leaks or remains unaccounted for. This dire situation demands urgent action.

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The Water Crisis: Causes and Consequences

  1. Inadequate Investment: South Africa’s water infrastructure suffers from insufficient investment, exacerbated by water scarcity and climate change. The consequences ripple across agriculture, industry, public health, and local communities.

  2. Poor Governance: The consistently poor performance of water and sanitation infrastructure stems from poor governance, asset mismanagement, and insufficient maintenance.

  3. Contaminated Drinking Water: Almost half of all water supply systems fail to comply with microbiological standards, resulting in contaminated drinking water. Viruses, bacteria, and parasites pose acute health risks, including gastro illnesses, cholera, and dysentery.

  4. Lack of Notifications: Shockingly, more than half of South Africa’s municipalities (57%) do not notify water users when water becomes contaminated, endangering citizens’ health.

Water Tanks: A Solution for Water Security

Water Tanks offers a practical solution to mitigate the impact of water cuts caused by failing infrastructure. Their Municipal Backup Solution ensures uninterrupted water supply during shortages. Here’s how it works:

  1. Automatic Filling: The water tank is tied to the main water supply line and automatically fills when municipal water is available.

  2. Pressurized Water Feed: In the event of a water cut, the tank provides a clean and safe pressured water feed for household use.

  3. Components:

  • Water Tank: The heart of the system, storing water for emergencies.

  • Pump: Booster pump ensures consistent pressure and efficient water distribution.

  • Pump-to-Tank Connector Kit: Seamlessly connects the tank to the pump, allowing easy conversion from tank supply to pressurized water.

  • Float Valve Kit: Facilitates effortless tank filling with automatic shut-off.

  • Ball Valves: Essential for isolating components and managing the system.

  • Non-Return Valves: Prevent back pressure to the main supply.

  • Filtration Options: Consider undersink or whole-house filters to enhance water quality.


South Africa’s water crisis demands immediate action. Installing Water tanks and pressure pump backup systems can provide a lifeline during water cuts, ensuring households have access to clean, pressurized water even as municipalities work on infrastructure improvements. Let’s take steps today to secure our water future.

We have various water tanks available like the well known JoJo tanks, Eco tanks, Africa Tanks and Rototank with various sizes from 500lt to 5000lt.

Please visit our website for more info...

Remember, water is life, and together, we can make a difference! 🌊💧


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