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Eskom Rebate

Eskom Power Line Pylons
Why is a Solar Geyser still a good investment when without a rebate?
  • a Small Solar System cost around R13 500-00

  • If your Electricity Bill is R1000pm, you can save around 30% - 40% of that with solar.

  • 30% of R1000 = R300pm

  • R300 x 12 months = R3600-00 per year

  • R13 500 divided by R3600 = 3.75 years.

  • That is a Return On Investment of 26.6% p/y

  • This is assuming that there are no electricity tarif hikes in the next 3.75 years.

  • Our aim is for your solar geyser to pay for itself inside 5 years.

  • At current Eskom rates, most of our system will pay for themselves in around 3-4 years.

  • Some of our Products carry a 10 Year Guarantee and are Fully SABS approved.

  • a Solar Geyser can save you up to 40% of your electricity bill.

Eskom Rebate Cancelled ?
Here is why Solar Geyser is still a good investment.


Unfortunately, as of April 30th 2015, Eskom Cancelled the Solar Water Heating Rebate Programme.

Read Article Here

We sincerely apologize to our clients hoping to get a helping hand in installing a Solar Water Heater.

Initially, in February 2015, the programme was placed on hold but in April it was announced that it was cancelled altogether.

We realize that this makes it harder for the ordinary citizen to afford such a system so we have explored various way of helping our prospective clients, like yourself, to install Solar Water Heating or Heat Pumps.

  • ​We have negotiated with suppliers to get the Absolute Best prices, while still offering the best quality products.​ (You can view our price list HERE)

  • We sourced more cost effective systems in the country, while still upholding SABS qualities. We now offer a range of Stainless Steel Solar Geysers with LONG lifespans and excellent performance (Click HERE to vie our range of Stainless Steel Solar Geysers)

  • Through our Green Finance Partner, Greenfin, we now offer a payment solution specifically aimed at Green Water Heating products. (You can view their online application form HERE)

Click on the button to view our range of products.

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