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Solar Powered Geyser Conversion


We can Re-Use your existing NORMAL geyser and CONVERT it into a solar geyser, by adding a SOLAR POWERED Element
  • We can do this by adding a special Solar Powerd Element to your geyser.

  • This element enables us to add electrical solar panels to your geyser.

  • These solar panels, power the element directly.

  • We then add a smart GeyserWISE Dual controllertimer, which shows you the temp.

  • This, also acts as a Timer for your element.

  • The GeyserWISE timer will decide if the water is hot enough at set times

  • If it was raining, the GeyserWISE will automatically heat your water to 55'C to make sure you can shower tonight

  • All of this is pre-programmed and you do not have to worry about turning the element off again. The GeyserWISE does this for you

  • Neat, low profile design

  • Perfect for B&B's, Game Lodges etc.

  • TITANIUM element for hard water or borehole.

  • Can be turned off when not in use

  • No overheating problems

  • No unsightly geyser on the roof

GeyserWise Smart Timer


PV Solar Panels for GeyserWise DC Element
Convert your geyser to a Solar Powered Geyser - PV Solar Panel with Titanium Element
PV Solar Panels
  • PV Solar Panels Power a Titanium Element Directly

  • No Pumps Required

  • Sufficient 150lt or 200lt Geysers

  • Highly Efficient PV Solar Panels

  • Can be connected to MOST geysers

  • Hail Resistant to normal SA conditions.

  • Covered by Insurance

  • SMART Geyser Controller Included.

  • Electrical Backup included for rainy Days

  • Full Installation


R 26 600-00 std installation and vat included


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