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Fully Wetted Solar Panels

Swimming Pool Solar Panels On Roof
What does it mean to have a fully wetted solar panel?

a Fully Wetted Solar Panel, means nothing more than to have water flow through the entire panel array. This means that the water will enter, for example, on the left lower corner and exit the upper right corner (see below sketch). Any type or make of solar panel should be installed in a fully wetted configuration - it has nothing to do with the type of panel.

Fully Wetted Illustration
What does NON Fully Wetted mean then?

Water takes the path of least resistance. When a solar panel system is incorrectly installed, the water will take a shortcut and often miss most of the solar panels (as illustrated below). This will mean that the system will severely underperform. You might have 10 x panels of which only 2 x will actually be heating.

NOT Fully Wetted Illustration

It is important to understand this concept and not be caught up by sales jargon making FULLY WETTED to be a certain type of panel only. Fully Wetted is related to the installation technique, not the type of panel.

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