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GeyserWise - GeyserWise Max, GeyserWise TSE, GeyserWise Delta T and GeyserWise PV
Geyserwise Controller
GeyserWise Max Controller
GeyserWise Delta T
GeyserWise TSE
GeyserWise DC element
GeyserWise PV panels
Holiday Mode - Geyserwise Controller

GeyserWise Types

GeyserWise Max - Solar geyser controller that can run either a 220v pump or 12v pump, solar geyser conversion setup.

GeyserWise Delta T - Solar geyser controller that can run a 220v pump , solar geyser conversion setup.

GeyserWise TSE - a Geyser controller to be used as a timer on your normal geyser.

GeyserWise PV - a System that replaces your normal geyser element with a dual AC/DC element, that can be run of off a few PhotoVoltaic solar panels. It also has Eskom backup.

GeyserWise WiFi module - a Smart WiFi module that can be added to any of the above GeyserWise models and allows for smartphone operation and monitoring.


GeyserWise is a term now synonymous with quality and ease of use, when it comes to geyser heating, solar heating and geyser element control.


GeyserWise offers two decades of continuous research and development and now boasts the most weel known and easy to use geyser control system.

We offer various models for various applications, outlined below.

(click here to view GeyserWise compatible solar geyser conversion systems)

Options Available


  • GeyserWise Max from R 3200 

  • GeyserWise Delta-T from R 3000

  • GeyserWise TSE from R 2300

  • GeyserWise PV from R 26000

  • GeyserWise WiFi  add R1500 to above

All these prices are installed, contact us for supply only pricing.


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