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Photovoltaic Power  

Power From The Sun

5kw Inverter, Battery, PV Panels

5kw Home Advance Battery Backup & Grid-Tied System

(Perfect for larger homes, offices and businesses )


+-R65 000-00 installed

  • The 5kw System can run lights, a fridge, laptops or a desktop PC, a TV and Decoder, and a few plug points.

  • No Heating Devices ( kettle, geyser, coffee machine, stove, etc) can run on this system. Pumps and washing machines can run during the sunny hours BUT have to be timed to not overload the inverter.

  • Batteries make up the majority of the cost and for longevity, we mostly use Lithium Ion Phosphate Batteries (which can last 15+years).

  • This system can supply 1kw backup for around 9hrs (or 18 hrs at 500watt)

*products may vary from illustrations

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