July 5, 2017

Eskom is in the process of submitting an application to Nersa, to have its clients (You), pay 19.9% more from 1 April 2018. This would put a lot of strain on already cash strapped South Africans.

"The final application for the 2018/2019 tariff price increases is set to be submitted to the

National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) by the end of this month. The decision of whether or not this tariff hike is granted lies with NERSA, and it is not yet clear what the decision will be" -

For the average household, disposable income is already under pressure and this will without a doubt bring the SA GDP down.

"To help combat the electricity price increases that consumers will continue to face, Yelland emphasised that efficiency will play a key role. In essence you will need to find a different way to do daily tasks using less electricity. This can include having a solar powered geyser, running your...

October 11, 2016

Gas Geysers has been around for decades and is increasingly becoming a very popular water heater again. Gone are the days when you had to keep a pilot light burning. The new generation of Gas Water Heaters comes with battery operated (2 x AA batteries) igniters and an LCD screen for temperature control.

They have also become smarter and more efficient. At full blast, it will consume as little as 1.45kg of gas per hour. Considering that you only shower for 5 or so minutes, your standard 19kg bottle should last many months. 

"Why is it green if it still uses gas?" you may ask. Well it burns LP Gas (Liquid Petroleum Gas) or butane as many of us knows it. It is essentially a by product of the refining process of Petrol.  

Why  a Gas Geyser over a Solar Geyser or Heat Pump ? Interesting question. It all has to do with usage patterns and needs. Say you have a normal geyser, but your kitchen is on the other side of the house. Every time you open a tap, you wait 5 minutes for the w...

October 3, 2016

Water is Life, and if it runs out, everything dies, yet we treat it as if it is a readily available resource. Well thanx to our western culture, one can argue that its available on tap, but it is becoming alarmingly scarce.

This time last year the dam was at 74% full but due to extreme droughts throughout the country, the level has dropped dramatically this year. I say due to the drought, but I should also mention another factor, a threat to all life on the planet, something so dangerous, we sometimes wish we could un-invent it. I'm talking about US, the human race. 

So please people, before you decide to hose pipe your drive way, take a look at these pictures...

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World War 3 will be over WATER

October 3, 2016

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