Maintenance and Services

Efficiency Maintenance and Service of your Solar Geyser, Heat Pump or Normal Geyser

As you would service your motor car, to make sure it lasts for years to come, so too your Green Water Heater needs periodic maintenance.


  • Solar Geysers - Every 2 Years

  • Heat Pumps - Every Year

  • Normal Geysers - Every 2 Years


What is done when doing efficiency maintenance?


  • a Thorough Clean

  • Replace Damaged Thermal Insulation

  • Replace Heat Transfer Fluids(Solar)

  • Check all electrical connections

  • Visually Inspect all valves

  • Clean Out Strainers

  • Re-Pressurize system where needed

  • Tighten bolts of frames

  • Check and Repair/Replace waterproofing

  • Efficiency Maintenance should take around an hour.


Std Service R 1350-00

R550 Callout + first 30min 

R450 Labour

R350 Serviceable Parts 

If any other work needs to be done

R350 per hour thereafter or part thereof

*new valves, anodes, elements and other parts excluded

New Geyser Installations

Need a New Geyser - we also specialize in conventional geyser installations BUT we make sure they are SABS and installed according to SANS standards.


Furthermore we also add a geyser blanket to keep the water warmer for longer, we insulate the nearest hot water pipes and make sure the Drip Tray is still sound. A lot of this WILL NOT be done by insuranace contractors.


Sizes Available


  • 100l from R 7500

  • 150lt from R 8500

  • 200lt from R 9500

  • 250lt from R 10 800

  • 300lt from R 11 500


from R 7500 installed


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