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Water Tanks and Pressure Pumps

Water Supply and Storage Solutions
2500lt JoJo Tank
Pressure Booster Pump 0a
Eco Tanks Slimline 2200lt
Eco Tanks 950lt
booster_pump_setup (2)
JoJo 2500lt Storage Tank
Connector Kit Pressure Pump
Pressure Pump JoJo 0.37kw
JoJo Slimline 1000lt
JoJo Water Tank 2500lt
JoJo Tanks 1000lt
Pressure Pumps 0.75kw
JoJo Dual Installation

As the scarcity of water becomes a pressing issue in our country, we offer a range of high-quality, durable water storage tanks and efficient pressure pumps. Our products are not just about storing and pumping water, but about securing a sustainable future for South Africa. Invest in our solutions today and secure your water supply.

Full Water Backup System Combo

  • 950lt Tank + Pump Combo = from R9800-00

  • 1000lt Tank + Pump Combo = from R11 500-00

  • 2200lt Slim Tank + Pump Combo = from R13 500-00

  • 2500lt Tank + Pump Combo = from R13 500-00

*Each system includes the storage tank, 0.37kw pressure pump, valves and fittings and 10m total of PEX piping.

The system is connected inline with the municipal supply and keeps the water in storage and continually circulates it throughout your home. In case of a water cut from the municipality, you will have the capacity of the tank available.

Due to the inline installation there is no stagnant water thus no need for filters.

Filter and water softner systems can be supplied for harsh water conditions and borehole water.

Alternative designs and bigger systems available on request

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