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As you would service your motor car, to make sure it lasts for years to come, so too your Green Water Heater needs periodic maintenance.


  • Solar Geysers - Every 2 Years

  • Heat Pumps - Every Year

  • Normal Geysers - Every 2 Years


What is done when doing efficiency maintenance?


  • a Thorough Clean

  • Replace Damaged Thermal Insulation

  • Replace Heat Transfer Fluids(Solar)

  • Check all electrical connections

  • Visually Inspect all valves

  • Clean Out Strainers

  • Re-Pressurize system where needed

  • Tighten bolts of frames

  • Check and Repair/Replace waterproofing

  • Efficiency Maintenance should take around an hour.


Std Service R 1450-00

R750 Callout + first 30min 

R450 Labour

R450 Serviceable Parts 

If any other work needs to be carried out

R450 per hour thereafter or part thereof

*new valves, anodes, elements and other parts excluded

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