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ITS Heat Pump Water Heaters

Premium Heat Pumps, Pool Heat Pumps and Industrial Heat Pump Water Heaters
ITS Heat Pump Water Heaters ( up to 10 people) - Connect to your existing geyser.

a Heat Pump is essentially an Aircon in reverse. It takes the heat in the air surrounding us, and efficiently heat your geyser with it. a Heat Pump can save between 50 and 75% of your water heating bill. Unlike solar, this can be done 24/7.

  • We use your normal geyser as a storage tank.

  • Perfect for schools, hospitals, businesses, bakeries, shops etc.

  • Hot Water for up to 10 people @ 50ltpppd.

  • Can connect to most existing geysers.

  • Heat Pumps can heat water 24/7, no sun required.

  • Quiet operation.

  • Aesthetically pleasing.

  • Perfect for Estates and complexes.

  • Save between 50% and 75% of your water heating bill.

  • The normal electrical element can also be connected as backup heating.




3.6kw =R 21 500-00 (up to 4 people can use water)

5.4kw =R 24 500-00 (up to 10 people can use water)

7.6kw =R 26 500-00 (up to 16 people can use water)

Pool Heat Pumps - Heat Your Pool All year round.
Pool Heat Pump
  • Swim all year round.

  • Heat water to your preferred temp.

  • TITANIUM heat exchanger.

  • Extremely efficient when compared with electrical heating.

  • Safe and Reliable

  • Quiet and unobtrusive.

  • Latest Heating Technology

  • Easy to use LED Controller included

  • Sizes from 15 000lt to 120 000lt

  • 500% Efficiency (for every R1.00 electricity, you get R5.00 heating power)


from R 18 900-00 std installation and vat included

Industrial/Commercial Sized Heat Pumps also available

We also stock Industrial/Commercial sized heat pumps for Bulk Hot Water Heating. Sizes can be customized to the needs of any requirement.


Anyplace hot water is required in large quantities can benefit from this superefficient heating technology at a FRACTION of the cost of coal or electrical heating.


Ideal for, Hospitals, Hotels, Spa's and Resorts, University Residences, Change houses, Sports Clubs and even prisons.


Sizes form 1000lt to 20 000lt                                 

Industrial Pool Heat Pump

Solar SA and ITS Heat Pumps have worked together for a decade and a half. Our partnership have made many a client happy and have saved millions of rands in electricity. 

From industrial heat pumps, to pool heat pumps and domestic heat pumps.

We have installed heat pumps on game farms, university hostels, SPAR stores, B and B's and more.

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