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Photovoltaic Power  

Power From The Sun

Solar Electrical Power - PV Solar
Solar Panel Installation
Fiery Sun
Solar Panel Repair

Solar PV Power or Solar Electrical power can power your home when ESKOM fails or load-shedding is implemented. It's the perfect solution to give you peace of mind of always having electricity. 


These systems can power some or all of your home. Some clients just want the basics like lights and the tv, others prefer a complete off-grid solution(where you create your own power and don't rely on Eskom)


Types of systems

  • Battery Backup-Grid Tied (Hybrid) Systems (can give you electricity even at night by using the battery reserves)

  • Grid-Tied Systems (saves money by generating power in the daytime.)


Battery Backup - Grid Tied System

  • Can give you power 24/7

  • Can seamlessly switch between Solar Panels, Batteries and Eskom to make sure you always have full batteries and power when needed.

  • Will use the batteries at night time or when it rains

  • Better suited for a complete off-grid solution

  • Generally more expensive due to battery costs

Our Systems(click on link button below)

  • 5kw Basic Solar - Includes 5kw Inverter, 5.2kw Battery and Installation for a load shedding backup system.

  • 5kw Advanced Solar - Includes 5kw Inverter, 5.2kw Battery and 6-8 PV Panels and Installation for full solar solution.

  • 10kw Advanced Solar - Includes 10kw Inverter, 2 x 5.2 kw Battery and 12-16 PV Panels and Installation for full solar solution.

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