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Eskom applies for a 20.5% tariff increase amidst a shortfall of R6.5 Billion

Eskom needs to generate R6.5billion

Eskom revealed that it still needs NERSA to approve a 20.5% tariff increase by the end of this financial year if it was going to generate the R6.5 billion it needs to run its diesel generators. This R6.5 billion will not go towards maintenance! It will not go towards improving efficiency in its outdated systems!


With the rising cost of fuel in South Africa, never mind the debate on fuel levies and taxes, the taxpayer is now punished for years of maladministration, corruption, and sheer incompetence. We have provided more than enough over the years and there should be an excess, but due to cader deployment and self-enrichment, our esteemed "leaders" have done nothing to make sure the future is looked after.

From a very young age, it was drilled into most of us that we should look after our things, then it will look after us. Whether it was a dad telling us to pick up our bicycle from the ground or a grandma stitching up a pair of torn pants. Care and maintenance ensured that the things our parents bought for us, lasted the test of time.

Our "leaders" don't see it this way. There will simply be money to buy a new one. Too bad a Power Station cannot just be bought by the local supermarket.

More and more people are showing our power utility the finger and installing Solar in its various forms in order to get closer to getting "off-grid". Although to be truly off-grid can be a very expensive endeavor, most of us can afford to start small.

a Typical Solar Geyser conversion, like 4 Seasons Solar's 150lt Flat Plate conversion, cost a mere R14 300 to install. With your geyser using around 40% of your household electricity, the majority of this can be saved with a good solar geyser conversion. What's more, it uses your existing geyser as a storage tank and you only see a solar panel outside (see below picture)

Typically these systems now pay for themselves within 2 years. a Return On Investment (ROI) of 50% per annum. Not even Crypto is doing that at the moment.

Apart from this, you can also do a few other things to be more independent from Eskom. Converting to a Gas stove and LED lights with a small battery system is another way to cut costs. Some people are now even moving back to gas-powered fridges. These have come a long way in the past two decades.

Be that as it may, we are paying the price, again, for the worst of our society being in positions of power and making decisions that cost us and our economy billions each day. My guess is that it will only get worse and the sooner we adopt a "self-determination" mindset, where we look after our own first, the sooner we can get less dependent on the little government has to offer.


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